PDIS 2014 • October 28th - 30th 2014

Tuesday, October 28

7:30 am—9:15 am               NLBMDA Executive Committee (Invitation Only)

9:30 am—10:45 am             Manufacturers & Services Council (MSC Members Only)

11:00 am—12:00 pm           Regulatory, Codes & Standards Committee

12:00 pm—5:00 pm             Exhibitor Set-up

12:00 pm—7:00 pm             Registration

12:00 pm—1:00 pm             Networking Lunch

12:00 pm—1:00 pm             LuDPAC Board of Trustees (Invitation Only)

1:15 pm—2:15 pm               Legislative Advocacy Committee

2:30 pm--4:00 pm                NLBMDA Board of Directors

4:30 pm—6:00 pm               LuDPAC Fundraiser

6:00 pm—7:30 pm               Welcome Reception in Exhibit Hall - Sponsored by  

7:30 pm—9:30 pm               NLBMDA Installation/ProDealer of the Year Dinner - Sponsored by  


Wednesday, October 29 

7:00 am—5:00 pm                Registration

7:00 am—8:00 am                Breakfast in Exhibit Hall

8:00 am—9:15 am                

Understanding Today's Residential & Commercial Construction Cycle Will Be Radically Different

Speaker: Kathryn Thompson, Chief Executive Officer of Thompson Research Group

Sponsored by 

Thompson Research Group (TRG) provides original, fundamental insights and analysis in the industrial and construction materials sectors. TRG brings our network of industry relationships and ideas together to help better make sense of salient volume and pricing trends in the residential and non-residential construction sectors. Today's presentation will focus on better understanding why the current residential an non-res construction cycle has been and will continue to be meaningfully different than past cycles. Unique qualities of TRG that guide the development of our themes include:

• In-depth, extensive network of industry relationships with key private and public companies.
• Differentiated public policy research, with a special focus on state fiscal health, in addition to targeted federal insights.
• Proprietary research process that filters the industry data flow “noise” into actionable ideas, focusing on identifying secular trends and inflection points so we can help industry participants accurately forecast.


9:15 am—9:45 am               Networking Break in Exhibit Hall - Sponsored by  

9:45 am—10:45 am            

The National Green Building Standard: Green Certification Game Changer

Speaker: Michelle Desiderio, Vice President of Innovation Services for the Home Innovation Research Labs

Until recently, residential buildings lagged in the green certification market because margins for residential are small, compared to commercial construction, and the returns are not sufficient to support certain green practices. But ANSI approval of the National Green Building Standard (NGBS) in 2009 opened the door to cost-effective, credible, marketable green certification for homes and apartments, and this trend is on the rise. In fact, McGraw Hill reports the green home market is poised to double from what it was in 2013—going from $37 billion (27% of market) to $90 billion (up to 33% of market) by 2016. Don’t miss your chance to capitalize on this growing market through the NGBS, which is now the preferred green certification for the residential industry.  Learn about the NGBS Green certification program and its successes, as well as emerging green building trends with the development of the 2015 NGBS.

10:45 am—11:00 am            Break - Sponsored by  

11:00 pm—12:00 pm            

Technology Session: Using Mobile Technology to Advance Your Business - Sponsored by 

Speaker: Eric Varney, Vertical Innovations Architect, Verizon Wireless

Technology is changing the way that LBM Dealers do business. Thanks to the Internet, virtually anything you desire can be delivered to your door in a matter of hours. What about your lumber yards? Have you entered the digital age? Have you taken steps to advance your business through mobile technology? Do not get left behind in the new age of technology and come learn how to stream line your business for the better. Join us for this interactive session where participants will be provided handheld devices and will learn firsthand how to use mobile technology to advance your business. 

12:00 pm—1:00 pm              Networking Luncheon in Exhibit Hall

1:30 pm—4:00 pm              

 Dixieline Yard Tour - Sponsored by 

Always a popular event, attendees will visit a local lumber yard to get exposure to how business is done elsewhere. Fifteen minutes from the Hard Rock Hotel is the Dixieline Lumber and Home Center's San Diego location. The Dixieline was founded in 1913 and they are now a ProBuild organization. At their San Diego "Sports Arena" yard they also feature a Door & Window Showroom and a Kitchen & Bath Design Center.
Dixieline has grown from humble beginnings and continues to provide the highest standard of customer service. With over 1,000 employees, Dixieline is ready to meet the needs of homeowners, contractors and builders in Southern California. Registration to the conference includes complimentary round trip transportation to Dixieline's San Diego yard.

1:30 pm—4:00 pm                

San Diego Trolley Tour - Optional for spouses opposite of the Yard Tour

Participate in our private Old Town Trolley tour of San Diego.  As you explore the scenic coastal landscape, you’ll learn why San Diego is called “America’s Finest City.” Since 1989, Old Town Trolley Tours has provided sightseeing tours highlighting the best of San Diego. Hop aboard and you’ll experience Transportainment, a delightful combination of transportation and entertainment. Your friendly conductor will narrate the San Diego tour with a fascinating and fun mix of trivia and humorous stories. The tour includes Old Town State Park along the harbor side, Seaport Village, the USS Midway, the Marriott / Convention Center, San Diego’s historic Gaslamp Quarter, the island of Coronado, The World Famous San Diego Zoo, and The Prado (located in Balboa Park)

5:00 pm—6:00 pm                Networking Reception in Exhibit Hall - Sponsored by 

6:15 pm—9:00 pm                

Networking Party at the Shout House - Sponsored by  

Ranked as San Diego’s best live music venue, The Shout House is a star of the famed Gaslamp district featuring Rock ‘n Roll hits from the 1950’s to today. ProDealer attendees will have exclusive food and drink options around the unique dueling pianos that head this energy filled music hall all night long. Come for the music and enjoy the great showmanship, comedy, and the downtown San Diego nightlife. 


Thursday, October 30

7:30 am—11:30 am               Registration

7:00 am—8:00 am                 Networking Breakfast in Exhibit Hall - Sponsored by  

8:00 am—9:00 am                 

Beat Last Year! - Cultivating Continuous Sales Growth

Speaker: Ken Wilbanks  

There’s only one game in sales - Beat Last Year! You don’t have to passively accept the buffetings of economic and market trends. You don’t have to passively expect or accept underperformance in sales and profits. You have options. You can choose to take BOLD STEPS to ensure that YOUR LBM organization outperforms the industry in the face of whatever challenges stand between you and excellence. YOU and your TEAM are THE decisive determining elements for sales success!

This uplifting, motivational, and informative presentation focuses on critical skills, correct measurements, potent actions, and right attitudes for immediate sales improvement. Beat Last Year! is a perfect keynote program for Executives, Owners and Key Management Staff for dealers of every size.

9:00 am—9:30 am                 Break - Sponsored by 

9:30 am—10:30 am               

Envisioning the Lumber Yard of the Future

In the year 2025, what will a successful lumberyard look like physically? What new services will evolve into must-haves? And what new employee skills will be in demand? Highlighting research published in Home Channel News, Lumberyard operators from a variety of formats will offer their thoughts on the future of the business.

10:30 am—11:30 am            

NLBMDA Washington Update - Sponsored by 

Jonathan Paine, Executive Vice President
Ben Gann, Director of Legislative Affairs & Grassroots Activities
Frank, Moore, Regulatory Counsel 

This session will bring you up to date on the issues expected to be at the top of the agenda for the next session of Congress. Also, get the latest intelligence on the key 2014 mid-term Senate and House races and what it might mean for the LBM industry’s agenda in Washington.

11:30 am                                Adjourn


*Agenda subject to change