Full Name
Mark Vanden Bosch
Job Title
Vice President of Business Development
Zeeland Lumber
Speaker Bio
Mark Vanden Bosch is the Vice President of Business Development for Zeeland Lumber. With 27 years of experience in the lumber and building materials industry, Vanden Bosch brings a range of knowledge and expertise. Vanden Bosch launched his career cleaning up the
lumberyard, loading trucks and helping customers pick up their orders. Spending time working in the yard gave him great perspective as he transitioned into a variety of roles at Zeeland, including front counter sales, purchasing, and marketing. Most recently, Mark invests his time building relationships with customers, suppliers, and Zeeland Lumber team members to collectively transform lives and communities. Along with his time at Zeeland Lumber, he has been involved in construction industry boards, church leadership, and coaching. He loves
spending time with his family outdoors where you will find him golfing, playing basketball, or boating.
Mark Vanden Bosch